Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Should You Cancel Your Cruise Due To Corona Virus?

Let me first say that I would never tell a client that he or she should or should not cancel their cruise due to the Corona virus. That is a personal decision. Like many of our clients, Direct Line Cruises' employees have upcoming cruises, so it’s something we have been discussing quite a bit in the office.  Here are my personal thoughts.

The media loves to sensationalize a story, and although Corona virus is a news-worthy story, I’m not sure the media is doing a good job of telling the whole story.  I think the continuous coverage is instilling irrational fear in people when instead it should be educating people a bit more. I once read that psychologists feel that people estimate the probability of an event happening by the ease with which such instances come to mind. Well, it’s easy to see what’s happening here! Corona virus is on everyone’s mind!

It’s rather interesting to compare this Corona virus outbreak to the flu.  During the current 2019-2020 flu season, it’s estimated that so far more than 15 million people in the U.S. have been sick with the flu and more than 8,000 have died from it! Yet Americans are not giving up travel or even getting a flu shot, despite the number of deaths!

Stringent immigration, customs and health screening protocols and regulations are now in place by countries around the world. The cruise lines have been particularly diligent in tracking where passengers are coming from.  They are taking the screening process very seriously and are proactively implementing several preventative measures.

The CDC and the WHO state that the chance of getting sick from this new coronavirus remains slim. Most of the cases thus far have involved Wuhan and surrounding cities in Hubei Province where there’s a massive containment effort going on to stop the spread. So while the risk is not going to be zero, generally speaking, there's not going to be an “elevated risk" outside that area. Of course people who have higher risk, those with compromised immune systems, the very old, or very young should follow the advice of their doctor.

So will Direct Line Cruises' employees still be cruising in the upcoming weeks?  You bet!

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