Monday, March 25, 2013

Celebrity Cruise Line Presents Sin City Comedy

Audiences no longer have to travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to catch a Sin City Comedy performance.  The show is now part of the late-night entertainment lineup offered on Celebrity Cruise Line.  Sin City Comedy is a “different” kind of comedy show, featuring a unique blend of top stand-up acts interwoven with artistic burlesque numbers. Not only will you laugh, but you'll be entertained by scantily dressed women who sing and dance!

If you think this is an odd combination of entertainment, it should be known that burlesque has been a part of comedy since its beginnings in the 1840s when half clothed women entertained audiences with bawdy jokes! Because the shows contain adult content - tastefully and entertainingly presented - they are open exclusively to guests age 18 and older.

The introduction of Sin City Comedy comes just one month after Celebrity joined forces with Billboard to launch a series of innovative, musical programs onboard. ""We're going to shake up perceptions of what shipboard entertainment is all about, with widely varied, enticing options throughout the day and night on every ship,"" says Celebrity's Director of Entertainment Eric Bohus.

Sin City Comedy will premiere aboard the Celebrity Reflection and Celebrity Silhouette.  Then in May, the show rotates to the Celebrity Solstice.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Norwegian Cruise Line Presents The Illusionarium

Norwegian Cruise Line announced an all-new dining and entertainment experience, The Illusionarium, to debut on the Norwegian Getaway. A first of its kind at sea, The Illusionarium welcomes guests into the fascinating world of magic, inviting them to experience the astounding illusions of world-class magicians and supernatural special effects.

The show’s design is inspired by the science fiction of Jules Verne, the artistry of legendary magicians such as Houdini and the popularity of recent blockbusters featuring supernatural characters.  If that doesn’t sound intriguing, I don’t know what does!

As guests wait to enter the portal of The Illusionarium, they will be surrounded by antique spell books, magical interactive artifacts and relics in a steam-punk inspired environment. OK, I have to admit, I had to look that up myself…it’s a science fiction genre having to do with technological aspects of the 19th century such as steam; as in the works of Jules Verne.  It almost sounds like a ride you’d find at Universal Studios or Disney! The centerpiece of the Illusionarium is a 30′ diameter video dome that will transport audiences to mystical places.

""The Illusionarium will be an experience unlike anything at sea today and take adults and children alike on a journey into the mystical world of magic,"" said Kevin Sheehan, CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line.

The Illusionarium will offer 12 magic and illusion performances per cruise, two shows per night. The venue will seat about 230-240 people for dinner; the cover charge has not been determined, but it will most likely be the same price as the Cirque Dreams service fee, which is $35.

The 146,600-ton Norwegian Getaway will enter service from Miami, its year-round homeport, in February 2014."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Back-to-Back Cruises; Because Two is Better Than One

Is there anything worse than the last evening of a cruise?  As you drag your suitcases into the corridor you wonder, how could the week have gone by so quickly?  Then the thought crosses your mind that maybe, if you duck out of sight in the morning while everyone else disembarks, you could possibly stowaway for another week!  For some, it’s not necessary to succumb to such sneaky thoughts- because they’re taking a back-to-back cruise!

A back-to-back cruise is exactly what the name suggests. It’s one cruise that follows immediately after another. The most common back-to-back cruises are booked on the same ship. This works especially well if the ship alternates its itineraries – for example, sailing the Eastern Caribbean one week and the Western Caribbean the next. By booking two sequential cruises with different itineraries, you’ll get to experience a diverse group of islands, as well as have more time to enjoy the wonderful amenities of the ship!

Another back-to-back option is booking cruises on two different ships. With so many vessels that share the same homeport, there are a lot of good choices out there.  The bonus is that you have the opportunity to enjoy two different ships, multiple dining options and a variety of entertainment venues!

Back-to-back cruises can also help maximize the value of pricey airfares to Europe or beyond. A pair of cruises, or more, can help you experience an exotic itinerary with just one open-jaw air ticket. A co-worker of mine recently completed a back-to-back-to-back cruise that took her halfway across the world! She flew to Barcelona, Spain to board a cruise that ended in Dubai.  From Dubai she cruised to Singapore, and the third leg of her voyage took her to Sidney, Australia.  After 44 glorious days traveling by cruise ship, she flew home.  Amazing!

If you take back-to-back cruises on the same ship, the procedure for transitioning from one cruise to another will differ a bit according to the cruise line and homeport. In general, you can expect to disembark (without your luggage, but bring your passport and other identification), clear customs and immigration, and then reboard the ship. If you are staying in the same cabin, you can leave your belonging there. If you are changing cabins, a steward will help you move your belongings to your new accommodations.

It doesn’t get easier then that that, and remember, two cruises are always better than one!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Meet the Godmother of Quantum of the Seas

Kristen Chenoweth’s ship has just come in, and its name is Quantum of the Seas. The Emmy and Tony award-winning actress was chosen as godmother to Royal Caribbean’s new cruise ship! The cruise line announced the appointment during a red carpet-inspired commercial that aired during ABC television network’s broadcast of the Oscars.

“I am so excited to be named godmother of Royal Caribbean International’s newest ship, Quantum of the Seas. I have been lucky to play many roles and I am looking forward to this one,” stated Kristin Chenoweth. “I think the Royal Caribbean brand is the perfect match for me, especially with their history of providing exceptional entertainment experiences to their guests.”

Is this a choice out of left field?  It seems not. Royal Caribbean Cruise's CEO Richard Fain had this to say.  “Kristin’s effortless grace and dynamic performances align perfectly with our newest class of ships and we could not be more honored to have her represent Quantum of the Seas. Kristin’s effortless grace and dynamic performances align perfectly with our newest class of ships and we could not be more honored to have her represent Quantum of the Seas”.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas is due to enter service in autumn 2014 and will have space onboard for 4,100 passengers. She will be followed in the spring of 2015 by sister ship, Anthem of the Seas.