Monday, November 12, 2018

Magical Moments aboard the Azamara Pursuit

I recently returned from a Mediterranean cruise aboard the Azamara Pursuit and it was absolutely wonderful!  I loved everything about it…the ship, the crew, the food and the ports of call. Still, certain “magical moments” stand out in my memory when I think back on the week and I wanted to share them so you can have a glimpse of what delightful events can happen on an Azamara cruise.

The Azamazing Evening is a signature Azamara event offered on most sailings. Imagine being invited to a very special event that only a select group of people are privy to.  These events are unique, bespoke and is always an immersive experience into the area you are visiting. On my Azamazing area we went to a concert at Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, Malta. Now this isn’t just any conference center. The building was built as a hospital in the 16th century by the Order of St. John, and it was known as the Holy Infirmary. Historic and lovely. We started the evening with a cocktail hour accompanied by traditional Maltese folk dancers.  It was followed by a concert featuring an avant-garde band. This evening was a high-point of our cruise.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Small-ship Cruising Aboard the Azamara Pursuit

Small ship cruising is new to me.  I always felt the larger the ship, the more bells and whistles, the better the cruise experience. But more recently I started feeling that all those innovative, revolutionary additions no longer enhance my cruise experience…they just don’t matter much to me.  Last week I cruised on the Azamara Pursuit, a ship not much larger than 30,000 tons which carries a max of 777 guests. It was wonderful and I’m now a small ship enthusiast and an Azamara Club Cruises aficionada!

The larger cruise ships I’ve sailed featured rock climbing, skating, sports court, casino and a plethora of other entertainment options. And that was all a lot of fun when I was cruising with my family. Now I cruise with just my husband or girlfriends and I find having all those activities distract me from the culture of the destination. The Azamara Pursuit had wonderful destination lectures that focused on history and culture instead of shopping. We stayed in port late or overnight which allowed us to experience the area with less tourists running around and we had time to dine ashore to experience local foods and wine.  Shore excursions on the Pursuit go beyond traditional tours and immerse you deeper into the destination. There are cooking lessons, family visits, winery tours and arts & crafts classes… experience that just isn't offered on the larger vessels.