Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Should You Cancel Your Cruise Due To Corona Virus?

Let me first say that I would never tell a client that he or she should or should not cancel their cruise due to the Corona virus. That is a personal decision. Like many of our clients, Direct Line Cruises' employees have upcoming cruises, so it’s something we have been discussing quite a bit in the office.  Here are my personal thoughts.

The media loves to sensationalize a story, and although Corona virus is a news-worthy story, I’m not sure the media is doing a good job of telling the whole story.  I think the continuous coverage is instilling irrational fear in people when instead it should be educating people a bit more. I once read that psychologists feel that people estimate the probability of an event happening by the ease with which such instances come to mind. Well, it’s easy to see what’s happening here! Corona virus is on everyone’s mind!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Why Reef-Safe Sunscreen Is Important

Reef-safe sunscreen…I keep hearing about these products but I admit, until I started to get ready for my upcoming Caribbean vacation, I never really gave it my full attention. So I started Googling the term and what I discovered was a bit alarming!

I read that up to 6,000 tons of sunscreen (the equivalent of 25 million bottles) are estimated to wash off human bodies and into coral reefs around the globe each year.  And yes, that’s a big problem!  It seems that some of the ingredients in sunscreen may damage the world’s coral reef systems and other more!