Monday, May 20, 2019

Why You Should Be Cruising to Cuba NOW

I just returned from a 4-night cruise aboard the NorwegianSun that included an overnight stay in Havana, Cuba. Some people have no interest in going to Cuba. Maybe they don't agree with the politics or aren't going because they think the regulations and required documentation are complicated (they’re not). Maybe they think it will be oppressive and there’s nothing to do there (that’s so far from the truth). My visit to Cuba was interesting and insightful and I recommend you consider it asap…before regulations and legislation change and you won’t have that opportunity!

When you travel to Cuba you are visiting a truly authentic destination.  Due to decades of political isolation, Cuba has remained largely undiscovered, particularly by Americans. Although Europeans and Canadians have traveled openly to Cuba for years, the country has never experienced a tourist boom. You can stroll the streets with locals instead of hordes of tourists. There are no street vendors hawking t-shirts and the island is still untainted by a Starbucks and golden arches on every other corner.  There aren’t many other cruising destinations that can boast the same.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Cruising to Key West, Florida with Kids

I’ll be cruising to the Bahamas and Florida next week and one of the ports of call is Key West.  I’m looking forward to finding a restaurant for an al fresco seafood lunch, an afternoon of strolling in and out of the many specialty boutiques and a quick visit to the Hemingway house.  It will be just my husband and myself but it got me wondering, if we were traveling with children would there be kid-friendly things to do? The answer is yes, absolutely!

The Conch Train:  Most people take this wonderful little train to get a better lay of the land, and become acquainted with everything in Key West. The "engineers" are entertaining and have so much interesting information to share.  But kids just love the ride while waving to people they pass along the way!

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Cruising to St. Maarten / St Martin with Kids

The last time my Eastern Caribbean cruise visited the French / Dutch island of St. Maarten / St Martin I dragged my husband and son around on a food tour.  I loved it but both my “boys”, being picky eaters did not have fun! Here’s some suggestions if you’re traveling with kids…of any age!

Tijon Perfume Creation:  Perfume and France (or in this case, a French Caribbean island)…the two just go together. That’s why this is such a fun experience for girls aged eight and up to enjoy. During this hands-on class, participants are encouraged to smell the hundreds of different oils and then using the droppers and beakers to create that perfect scent.  The next step is naming and bottling the fragrance. Everyone goes home with a gift bag filled with the personally created perfume or cologne, a second sample of a fragrance you’ve chosen, a moisturizer, lip balm and other goodies.