Saturday, June 21, 2008

Norwegian Cruise Line F3 Nightife Comes Alive

It seems like month after month, the travel agent community and cruise enthusiasts are being treated to big reveals onboard competing cruise line new ships. On the same day that Royal Caribbean revealed new secrets about the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, Norwegian Cruise Line announced new public rooms / night clubs onboard their upcoming F3 class cruise ships.

In case you have not been reading my blog postings, NCL has on order two F3 class cruise ships. The first is set to begin sailing in 2010. These ships will be approximately 150,000 tons and offer 4,200 passenger berths. NCL’s first big reveal about these ships were the revolutionary staterooms. For more information on the staterooms onboard the F3 class, please search older blog postings.

Now to the fun stuff. Norwegian Cruise Line’s current reveal seemed to focus heavily on spicing up the onboard nightlife. In addition to the Ultra Bliss Lounge with a Bowling Alley that is featured on the Gem and Pearl, the F3 ships will now have 4 new clubs. Here are the details:

Ice Bar – This bar is literally frozen and I am not kidding. The Ice bar will accommodate 25 cruise passengers and they will all be given fur coats and gloves to keep them warm since the club’s temperature never rises above 17 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmosphere of this club will feature of frozen chamber of iced vodka that is set in a mood of illuminating hues of lights. Sounds Chilling…. To enter this exclusive club, guests must pay a cover charge.

Posh Beach Club – This club is to be used by Adults only and they are required to purchase a POSH pass to enter the exclusive glass elevator that takes them to this outdoor South Beach and Riviera style club. In the daytime, guests can lounge out and soak up the sun as they are completely pampered by the POSH VIP host and crew. Once the sun sets, this is where the action starts and the non-stop party begins within this open air nightclub.

Halo the Uber Bar – There is nothing more exclusive than the Halo bar. Guests staying in the Garden and Courtyard villas will have exclusive VIP passes to enter this club located at the top of the ship on deck 16. This bar features the best liquors, art and jewelry around the world. In addition, private gaming tables will be setup, which will include baccarat and blackjack. This is also an Adult only night club.
Spice H20 - This I found quite shocking. Right after I learned about the Oasis of the Seas new aft pool, I read about NCL’s F3 aft pools. Spice H20 is a giant pool located towards the back of the ship that can be used by all guests during the day to help them soak up the sun. At night, Spice H20 transforms itself into an outdoor amphitheatre featuring DJ’s, live music, entertainers, lights and more.
And, again don’t forget the F3 class ships will also feature the very popular Ultra Bliss Lounge, which features a 4 lane bowling alley. Norwegian Cruise Line has advised that passengers may purchase a “Beyond the Velvet Rope” package to gain access to all of these exclusive clubs.

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