Saturday, March 14, 2009

Norwegian Cruise Line Back Stage Tour

There was a time when taking a tour of the “bridge” on a cruise ship was a highlight for many. This is the area or room from which the ship can be commanded. Sort of like the cockpit of an airplane. Over the years security has tightened around these key spots, and access to this quarter has been denied to passengers. That is until now! Norwegian Cruise Line has recently announced a new tour for guests that will make them privy to many of those zones on a ship that have been previously off limits. Get a first hand look at the area where those truckloads of provisions ordered for a one week cruise are stored. Organization is a must, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. Then move through the galley of blinding stainless steel to observe where the thousands of meals for the week are prepared. Watch a chef as he demonstrate his skills, and stick around to taste his creation! (The deluxe tour includes a sushi lunch, cocktails and dinner at Cagneys). Ever wonder who was doing all that washing and folding that resulted in those crisp white sheets you sleep on every night? Visit the laundry facilities and find out. Meet the Environmental Officer and get the chance to chat with him regarding environmental policies, procedures, and systems aboard the ship. Truly go backstage to tour the theater and uncover some of the secrets that make NCL production shows so amazing. Last but not least, meet the captain, and / or his officers on his own turf…the bridge. Discover what it takes to make this enormous vessel glide effortlessly through the ocean. I doubt he will let you “drive”, but I bet he’ll take a picture with you!

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