Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Postcards from the Nation of Why Not

Have you ever seen one of those television commercials that show people stopping to chat with a reporter after exiting a new Broadway show, to give a raving review of the performance they just saw? Exactly how honest are these testimonials? I guess I’m just cynical, because to me, they seem so contrived!

What about cruise line commercials? Are those people playing mini golf when the ship horn sounds for real? What about the family with the moody teenager that doesn’t smile? (Although I must say, that one was SO EASY for me to relate to!) So is that genuine, or is it filmed with actors while the ship is docked in Miami? Hmmm…

This week Royal Caribbean will begin airing a series of television ads filmed on the amazing Liberty of the Seas, during her July 11 – 18 Western Caribbean trip! The ads, called “Postcards from the Nation of Why Not” will be the first time television viewers can witness somebody’s cruise experience while its happening. Rather than using actors, the film crew will capture footage of real guests stepping out of their normal comfort zones to try something new. How cool is that? It certainly brings new meaning to the proverbial “wish you were here” postcard!

Commercials air nationally the week of July 20th, but don’t worry if you miss them. You can view them on Royal Caribbean’s website.

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