Friday, October 23, 2009

Epic’s Ice Bar…So Cool it’s Hot!

The first Ice Hotel was built in the village of Jukkasjarvi Sweden in 1989. Existing each year between December and April, the entire structure is made out of snow and ice blocks. Within the hotel the Absolut Ice Bar is the most popular room in the place, with its vaulted ceiling, plenty of ice block seating (covered in reindeer skins) and see-though bar. The vodka cocktails are even served in chunky ice glasses!

It is this unique experience that is the inspiration behind the Ice Bar aboard the NCL Epic. In this frosty freezy wonderland the walls, tables, bar, stools, glasses and life size sculptures glisten and gleam. The Ice Bar will be kept at a frigid 17 degrees; not too pleasant for most warm blooded species! Although the vodka will certainly help raise body temperatures, faux fur coats are available at the door to assist. The Ice Bar is one of 14 in the world, but it is the first true ice bar at sea.
The Ice Bar is not the only unique after dark hot spot aboard the Epic. There’s Spice H2O, an adults-only, sultry, steamy, Ibiza-inspired beach club. Or Bliss Ultra Lounge, the electrifying high-energy lounge where music videos playing on multiple plasma screens create an electrifying experience. Leave it to NCL to provide the hippest, liveliest nightlife at sea!

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