Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celebrity Cruise Line Announces Beverage Packages

Every cruise line offers its guests the convenience of purchasing a fountain soda package. I think it’s a good deal. (Wait, let me clarify that. I think it’s a bad deal that the cruise lines charge for soft drinks in the first place…why not add $40 to the cruise fare of each passenger and make it inclusive)? But since they don’t do it that way, the soda package is a pretty good deal. Now Celebrity Cruise Line has taken things a step further with a variety of beverage packages. Is that a good deal? You decide.

For those of you that love the slushy colorful concoctions that are synonymous with cruising, the frozen drink package may be to your liking. Starting at $22 per night you can enjoy an unlimited variety of frozen and blended drinks. Strawberry or PiƱa Coladas Mango Tangos, and Margaritas… oh, I feel the onset of brain freeze! But as much as I enjoy sipping these as I sit by the pool, if I drank $22 worth in a day (I guess that’s about 3 or 4 of them) you’d find me at the bottom of the pool! It’s worthy to note that these drinks can be made with or without the alcohol and on our last cruise my son sampled them all….the non alcoholic version! He’s a gulper, not a sipper, so this would be a good package for him!

Celebrity has also added a beer package at $34.50 per night. Brands served include both domestic and imported brews such as Corona, Heineken, Budweiser, Samuel Adams and many more. Wow, that’s almost $250 per person for a week of drinking beer! Still, I suppose it can really add up if you buy it bottle by bottle. A few bottles by the pool, one while you watch the sunset, a couple with dinner, one with the evening show…

Whether one chooses the Classic ($51.50 per night) or Premium ($76 per night) Liquor Package, guests can take advantage of an unlimited variety of the selection of spirits available onboard Celebrity, per person. Whether in a bar, lounge, or any of the restaurants, your favorite drink is yours for the asking. Worth it? I don’t know, unless this was a family plan, I think I’ll have to forego it!

So those are the details. All beverage package prices include a 15% service charge. For Celebrity to institute such a program there must have been many requests for it. I know as a travel agent I have been asked many times if alcoholic drink packages were available. So what do you think? Deal or no deal?

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