Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So What Exactly is Facial Recognition Software?

"Facial recognition software…sounds like some kind of covert spying paraphernalia!  And maybe it is, but it has a pretty cool application onboard the Norwegian Epic too!  Seasoned cruisers know that when you board a ship, security snaps your picture and it’s embedded within your cruise key card. Now with this new software and its “proprietary indexing system” a computer can match a guest’s faces and identification details anytime they smile for the ship’s photographer, thereby linking guests to their photos!  When a guest wants to view their pictures taken onboard all they have to do is swipe their cruise key card at the photo shop kiosks and presto…the photos appear onscreen for viewing and purchasing!  Gone is the wasted time spent wandering among the rows and rows of thousands of passenger’s photos in order to find the one of the pirate holding his machete at your throat as you disembarked in the Bahamas…a cruise memory you can’t live without!  Now you can spend more time sunning instead of hunting through the multitude of pics on a search and destroy mission in order to find the photo that was snapped at dinner that you’re sure caught you with spinach stuck in your front teeth!  From what I understand, a guest can even purchase a CD of an entire week of photos!  Isn’t technology grand?"

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