Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cruising With Baby

Vacationing with a baby can be a challenge. However, choosing a cruise is often a smart choice, because your accommodations, restaurants and entertainment are all in one general spot, like a floating resort!  Here are some tips from the cruising moms at Direct Line Cruises that will hopefully, make your cruise vacation even easier and more carefree...

If you will need a crib in your stateroom be sure to let your cruise consultant know in advance so that it can requested well in advance. You don't have to reserve high chairs ahead of time.

Bringing that much loved “blankie” from home is always a good idea. Same goes for a favorite bedtime story and stuffed animal.  Nothing can replace familiarity and routine.

You will have to pack baby food, formula, diapers, and wipes, however if you’re cruising with Royal Caribbean, you have the option of ordering these items on their website and they’ll be waiting for you in your cabin.

Along those same lines; if you packed diapers, food and formula be sure to have an ample supply in your carry-on bag.  Luggage is sometimes not delivered until the early evening.

Generally, staterooms have showers only.  If you prefer to bathe little ones in a tub, on many cruise lines that may mean upgrading to a suite.

Don’t forget your umbrella stroller.  It’s so handy to have both on and off the ship! You can wheel a sleeping baby into the theater so you can watch the show, or into a lounge while you enjoy a glass of wine.

Many cruise lines offer private babysitting, but make sure you confirm availability in advance.

Ask your cruise consultant if the ship you’re booking has an age appropriate children’s program.  Not every cruise line has nursery facilities or programs for children that are not yet potty trained.

All ships provide laundry service for a price, but ships with self-service facilities are not the norm.

In accordance with Center for Disease Control's sanitary codes, not all cruise lines allow swim diapers in their pools. Check with your cruise consultant for ships with splash zones for little ones.

Consider booking a balcony cabin.  While your child is napping in the cabin you can sit in the fresh sea air with a good book and a glass of iced tea! Now that’s what cruising with baby is all about!

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