Monday, April 08, 2013

The Secret Of Booking Onboard

Picture this:  It’s a bright sunny day, and you are lounging by the pool sipping a frozen blue concoction while engrossed in the latest New York Times best selling novel. The strains of calypso music float through the air, a warm gentle breeze caresses your skin and you can’t help but feel you’ve found a piece of paradise.  But isn’t that what cruising is all about?

The only way to make your return to the “real world” the least bit palatable is to be sure you will be returning to the sea one day soon.  The cruise lines know this too, and for that reason, each line has a knowledgeable Onboard Cruise Consultant to assist you in booking your next cruise, before you even disembark your current cruise. Not only will you have something to look forward to, but when you book a cruise while onboard, you’re entitled to a couple of additional benefits!

Almost every cruise line allows guests to lock in a future cruise with a reduced deposit. Not having to tie up additional money for a cruise that may be scheduled in the distant future can be quite beneficial!  In addition, a booking bonus of free onboard credit is often offered, and who doesn’t want to take advantage of free onboard credit?

Onboard credit is like having “ship money” which you may use against any purchases made while you’re on the ship. This includes items purchased from any of the shops, spa and salon treatments, on photography services, laundry, shore excursions, beverages from the bar, restaurant cover charges and gratuities.

For those people that feel they are not ready to choose a particular itinerary for their next cruise vacation, they need not lose out on all the wonderful incentives.  Some cruise lines allow you to make a reduced deposit on an “open passage”, or in other words, a sailing to be determined at a later date.

By now you’re probably wondering why Direct Line Cruises (a travel agency) would encourage you to book your cruise directly with the cruise line. Well, here’s the best part.  When you book onboard, be sure to alert the Onboard Cruise Consultant to the fact that Direct Line Cruises is your cruise travel agency.  Then, when you finalize your booking with Direct Line Cruises, we will guarantee that the rate you are paying is the lowest rate available to you, (always less than or equal to the cruise line’s best available rate).  We will also include travel insurance for cruises that are 5-nights or longer. Lastly, you can combine the cruise line’s offerings with many of the additional amenities we may be offering on that sail date!

Everyone knows that a cruise vacation is a great value.  Not everyone knows that by booking onboard, and then having Direct Line Cruises finalize the booking, the value becomes even greater.  Now you know.  Aren’t you the savvy cruiser!

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