Monday, September 23, 2013

10 Common Misconceptions About Cruising

I’m always surprised to hear that there are many people that have never experienced a cruise vacation!  How can that be, I wonder! Don’t they know what they’re missing? So, I asked them, “Why don’t you cruise?” After listening to their reasons I have to say, “I’m sorry, but I beg to differ…”

I don’t cruise because I’m afraid I’ll get seasick.                                                                   

A very small percentage of cruisers get seasick. Over the years, ships have gotten so large, that movement is often undectable. Most are built with stabilizers that allow a ship to practically glide across the sea. If however you are still afraid because you are prone to motion sickness, there are things you can do to alleviate or minimize your discomfort.

*Book a midship cabin on a lower deck. The closer you are to the ship's center of gravity, the less you will move around.

*A window or balcony helps because if you start to feel sick, looking out at the horizon helps reorient your sense of balance (and your stomach).

*Bonine, available over-the-counter at most drug stores and pharmacies, works well to relieve seasickness

 I don’t cruise because it’s too expensive.

While there are certainly a few select cruise lines that are very expensive, for the most part, a cruise is quite affordable. Remember, your cruise fare includes your accommodations, meals in main dining venues, activities, entertainment and children’s clubs.  Cruising gives you great value for your money!

I don’t cruise because I’ll gain too much weight.

You can’t blame your lack of self-control on a cruise! Every line offers healthy meal options as well as a gym to rival anything you may belong to on land. Plus, there are many amenities onboard to keep guests active, such as sport courts, jogging tracks, and rock climbing walls.

I don’t cruise because the ship is full of “old people.”

This was once true…about 40 years ago!  Now cruising is a popular vacation option for honeymooners, singles and particularly families!  Different cruise lines attract different demographics so choose wisely.

I don’t cruise because I don’t want to sit with strangers during meals.

Although traditional cruise line dining in which you sit with other passengers is still available on some lines, all lines now offer a flexible dining option that allows you to choose your dining time and a table for just your party.

I don’t cruise because it’s too regimented. 

It’s your vacation and nobody is going to tell you when to eat, when to go to bed,how to spend your day, or anything else.  Cruising offers an abundance of options so every person onboard can have a perfect vacation…perfect for them!

I don’t cruise because it’s not safe.

The cruise lines have been getting a lot of bad press lately, regarding safety. It’s a case of a few incidents that the media has been blown totally out of proportion. Ships have an extraordinary number of rules and regulations in place to protect passengers' safety onboard. The rules also require that within the first 24 hours of sailing a muster drill be held with the objective to familiarize guests where to assemble in the unlikely event of an emergency. During the drill, additional safety information is presented.

I don’t cruise because I’m afraid of getting the stomach virus you always hear about.

Norovirus is a contagious virus that may cause a person to have nausea, diarrhea and to throw up.  Outbreaks are not restricted to cruise ships.  As a matter of fact, Norovirus is second to the common cold in reported illnesses, impacting millions of people around the world each year! You can help prevent norovirus by using ship sanitizer stations, as well as frequently washing your hands, especially after using the toilet, changing diapers, and before eating.

I don’t cruise because I don’t want to get all dressed up.

Lots of people feel that way and the cruise lines are listening!  Norwegian Cruise Line invented “Freestyle Cruising” in response to this, meaning the dress code is relaxed and men never have to wear a suit and tie unless they want to!  Other cruise lines offer alterative dining venues on their “formal nights” giving guests the option of dressing up, or not.

I don’t cruise because I’ll be bored on a ship.

That’s unlikely!  With every new ship cruise lines add more and more amenities.  Today’s cruise ships are floating resorts and there is ALWAYS something happening on board. Rock walls, bowling, surf simulators, bumper cars, movies under the stars, sports courts, mini golf, kids clubs, bingo, ping pong, live entertainment, dancing……the list goes on and on.  I can assure you, you won’t be bored!

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