Monday, March 17, 2014

Toss the Bouquet and Sail Away…on a Honeymoon Cruise!

A honeymoon, without a doubt, is the most important trip you will ever plan.  It goes without saying that it must be magically romantic; a place where every wish is granted! It should give you the opportunity to spend quality time absorbed only in each other, offering as much, or as little to do as you desire. A honeymoon should take you someplace beautiful, maybe even exotic! And on the sensible side, it should be affordable, (yes, I realize it can be hard think in terms of practicality when pondering your honeymoon).  For all this and more, a cruise is the perfect honeymoon vacation!

Romance and the sea have always gone together. Imagine beginning the day sipping mimosas with breakfast on your private balcony. Lazy sea days can be spent lounging by the pool doing nothing more than soaking in the sun and breathing the fresh salt air. Maybe you’ll try a couple’s massage with perfumed oils, followed by a leisurely soak in a bathtub large enough for two. Pre-dinner drinks on the deck at sunset hold the promises of the evening ahead.  Gourmet dinners at a quiet little table in the corner and dancing under the stars…you begin to understand why it’s called a “love boat”.

If your dream honeymoon is full of palm tree dotted islands with soft white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters, then a Caribbean cruise is for you! Barbados, Martinique, Jamaica, Tortola…the names alone conjure up feelings of relaxation and images of paradise!   Frolic in the sea or take a long walk on the beach planning your future together. Be sure to leave some time for the bargains found while shopping in the duty free shops!

Or maybe your perfect honeymoon immerses you in the romance of the Old World. On a Mediterranean cruise you can take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice, share secrets over a bottle of wine at a café on the cliffs of Positano, or stroll hand in hand through the winding, narrow cobblestone streets of Eze.  Art, culture, history…it can all be found in the cruise ports of Europe and the Mediterranean!

Are you seeking an adventure filled honeymoon? Cruise to Hawaii, the quintessential honeymoon destination, for days filled with snorkeling, diving, fishing, and kayaking. Take in the beauty of the islands while hiking through lush green forests with rushing waterfalls thundering downward into sparkling freshwater pools. From the spiritual beauty of the hula to the primeval power of an active volcano, Hawaii is a cultural experience like no other.

Planning a wedding means paying the caterer, the florist, the musicians, the photographer, the limos, the dress, the tuxes…thank goodness cruising is so affordable!  There is a cruise line and cruise itinerary to fit every budget. In addition, the all-inclusive nature of a cruise means you know going into it what you’re spending. Accommodations, meals, and entertainment are all included in the price of your cruise. You can’t beat that kind of value for your money!

Are you looking for a honeymoon filled with romance, luxury, adventure, or a picture perfect destination?  Maybe it’s all of the above! Every couple will imagine something different when planning their perfect honeymoon.  Whatever that is, you will find it in a honeymoon cruise!

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