Monday, July 11, 2016

What Can a Butler Do For You On Your Next Cruise?

I have only been acquainted with two butlers in my lifetime; Alfred, the tall, gray haired, bespectacled gentleman in the employ of Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) and the loyal and devoted Mr. Carson of Downton Abby.  So when I see various cruise lines including the services of a butler when booking one of their luxurious suites, (CelebrityCruises offers butler service when booking the Reflection, Penthouse, Royal, Signature, Sky and Celebrity Suites), it’s rather intriguing…and intimidating! If I have a butler, what am I supposed to do with him?

I am told that a dutiful and diligent butler generally picks up where the cabin steward leaves off (CelebrityCruises offers European-style butler service).  Maybe it’s easier to think of him or her (yes, her) as your personal assistant! There are many services a butler can provide that will make your cruise vacation all the more extraordinary. All you need to do is ask!  

A butler can:

·           Book your shore excursions
·           Reserve seats for the shows you’d like to see onboard
·           Make your onboard dining reservations
·           Serve you meals in your suite or on your veranda
·          Serve you afternoon tea in your suite…along with cookies if you desire!
·           Bring you a frothy cappuccino to sip while you read on the veranda (but I don’t believe he will read to you)
·           Arrange for an in-suite cocktail party (what a way to impress your friends!)
·           Deliver a board game or movie to your suite (along with a cheese platter and glass of wine)
·           Send out your laundry or dry cleaning
·           Shine your shoes
·           He can even draw your bubble bath

You work hard all year; this is your vacation. Maybe having the services of a butler isn’t necessary. However, it definitely raises the level of luxury you will experience on your cruise vacation. And who is more deserving than you?

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