Thursday, July 27, 2017

Should You Book A Balcony Cabin?

What type of accommodations do you choose when you plan a cruise vacation? Many people select an inside cabin, reasoning that they will only be in our room to shower and sleep. I agree with that to an extent. However, it only took one stay in a balcony cabin for me to realize that for all future cruises, a balcony cabin was a must!

Here are my top five reasons for book a balcony cabin:

  • Space:  If the actual cabin layout isn’t any larger (depends on the ship), just having a floor-to-ceiling glass door in your room with a panoramic view makes the cabin feel so much larger! Plus, you have the extra 70+ square feet of space once you step outside.
  • The View:  Whether it’s blue seas for as far as the eye can see, glaciers as you cruise Alaska, or the colorful architecture of Caribbean or European port cities, nothing is better than seeing it all from your private balcony!
  • Al Fresco Dining: Skip the buffet and instead start you day by calling for room service and enjoy breakfast away from the crowds. Or lunch…or dinner. 
  • Time Alone: I love all the activities today’s cruise ships offer.  Yet there’s nothing better than spending a little time by myself reading or just relaxing on my balcony.
  • No babysitter?  No problem. Kiss the kiddies goodnight then order a bottle of wine, play some music on your phone, and stargaze with your better half.  How romantic!

A balcony cabin can cost a couple hundred dollars more per person, but I truly believe it’s worth the splurge.

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