Wednesday, January 03, 2018

My Cruising Resolutions for the New Year

Some years my New Year’s resolutions revolve around diet.  I will lose ten pounds, I will eat more veggies, or I will cook healthy meal at home instead of picking up a pizza for dinner. Other years my resolutions are all about organization.  I will clean out every closet, make photo books of my last ten cruises, or possibly tackle throwing out the stuff that’s boxed away in the basement.  Results have always been on the “not so good” side.  However, this year my New Year resolutions are all about travel and cruising! Pledges that will hopefully be a lot easier and more fun to keep!

I will cruise to a new destination.  And since my Cuba cruise is already booked for May, barring any emergency, that is a resolution I will keep.  What about you?  Have you cruised to Alaska, Northern Europe or the Mediterranean yet?  What about South America, Hawaii or Asia?  You can cruise to so many wonderful places!  And while Bermuda and the Caribbean are always a good bet for a lovely time, aren’t you ready for something new?

I will try a new food while in port.  There are so many dishes in other countries that I would never have the opportunity to try otherwise. Eating where the locals eat opens your eyes and your taste buds to a whole new range of authentic flavors and foods that I may be missing out on! What about you? How adventurous are your taste buds?

This year I will pack my workout clothes and use them!  Cruise ships have state of the art gyms and treadmills with views of the sea!  There are spin classes, Zumba classes, yoga and personal training.  I’m a fool not to take advantage of these amenities. 

I will pack smarter. But I know me, and I can never go anywhere for a week with just a carry-on.  I’ve watched all the You Tube videos on how to pack 21 days-worth of clothes in a backpack but that’s just not me. When I look at my travel pics I don’t want to see myself in a variation of the same outfit repeatedly. So, for me packing smarter really translates into cutting down on the number of shoes I bring!  They take up too much room, they make my bag too heavy, and I rarely (okay, never) wear every pair I bring.

Lastly, I will unplug! Vacation time means getting away from all the day-to-day responsibilities of our modern lives.  I will put my phone in the room safe and not text, call, post or take a selfie. I will strive to be fully present in the moment and enjoy every experience without distraction.   And if you find it hard to imagine a vacation without technology, then chances are you need one! 

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