Monday, March 26, 2018

Celebrity Cruises Adds More Adventure Shore Excursions

If you are under the impression that a cruise line shore excursion is nothing more than following a guide holding a little flag high in the air, you couldn’t be more wrong!  Not that this type of tour is always inappropriate…it certainly has a time and place.  However, these days, so much more is offered, especially through Celebrity Cruises!

Launched several years ago, “Ben Fogle’s Great Adventures” are unique and exclusive shore excursions designed for Celebrity Cruises. But who is Ben Fogle?  I have to admit I didn’t know so I goggled him when Celebrity named him as a global destination ambassador. The biography on his website says he is an English broadcaster, traveler and adventurer. And what an adventurer! He’s done some pretty incredible stuff (ran a six day, self sufficient race across the Sahara Desert, rowed across the Atlantic, crossed the Saudi Arabian Empty Quarter with camels…!)  So to have a guy like this design shore excursions for Celebrity guests is pretty exciting!
I’d go as far as saying these  Celebrity Cruises' shore excursions are once in a lifetime
experiences and not everybody will be up for them! New options for 2018 include ocean yacht racing in Antigua, hiking the volcano Mount Liamuiga in St. Kitts and kayaking in Alaska's Icy Strait Point. The new trips are an expansion of the Ben Fogle’s Great Adventures excursions offered by the cruise line in Europe and the Middle East.

These Celebrity Cruise adventures captures the immersive travel style Ben is famous for, from getting out of your comfort zone to seeing a destination through the eyes of a local.

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