Thursday, April 26, 2018

Take a Cruise Vacation…For Your Health

I’m never shocked when I hear the statistic that the average U.S. employee only takes half of his or her eligible vacation time. Although I have all my vacation days planned out a year in advance (after all, planning is half the fun), I really must coax my husband into requesting all his due days!  Crazy, right? Well with summer right around the corner now is the time to plan a cruise vacation and I’ll share with you some reasons why it's actually good for your health!

Taking cruise vacation is good for your health! Lots of studies have highlighted the potential cardiovascular-health benefits of taking a vacation, including reducing the risk of heart disease. The Framingham Heart Study (a long-term, multi-generational study, designed to identify genetic and environmental factors influencing the development of cardiovascular and other disease) showed that women who take at least two vacations a year are eight times less likely to have coronary heart disease. A study done with men who had an elevated risk for coronary disease, showed that those who didn’t take an annual vacation were 32% more likely to die from a heart attack than the vacationers.

Vacations work to reduce stress by removing people from activities and environments that tend to be sources of stress. No surprise there (ask any commuter)! Chronic stress takes its toll in part on our body's ability to resist infection, maintain vital functions, and even ability to avoid injury. We return
from a cruise vacation feeling ready to take on the world again.

Let’s face it, we all lead busy, busy lives! When was the last time somebody complained to you that they had nothing to do? From early morning till late at night, I bet you’re on the go till you’re ready to drop! Grabbing fast meals that may not always be the right choice, lack of sleep, little exercise… Going on a cruise vacation can snap you out of the less healthy routine you’ve had going and give you a fresh perspective. It can rejuvenate your body and mind and increase your energy levels.

Cruises helps families connect. You and the kids, your parents, your siblings….shared experiences promote a closeness and positive ties that last far after the vacation ends. By taking a vacation and reconnecting with your family, friends and loved ones, you’ll feel emotionally fulfilled, which is a requirement of good health. There’s no way you’re getting that benefit from Thanksgiving dinner with the family!

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