Sunday, October 14, 2018

Food & Travel

As a child and well into my adult life I was a picky eater…a VERY picky eater!  I wouldn’t let a green vegetable touch my plate, only ate pasta with butter, and hotdogs were my protein of choice. Fast forward fifty plus years and I feel my taste buds have gone through an awakening…which has truly enhanced my travel experience in recent years!

Now what can be better than combining my love of travel with my newly discovered love for food? Food and travel are made to go together! When you make a point of trying local foods while you're traveling I believe those tastes and smells become intrinsically entwined in your memories of the trip. Have you ever noticed how even the faint aroma of something you ate on a vacation instantly takes you back to the moment you experienced it? There is no better souvenir to return home with!

When you open yourself up to new tastes you add an entirely new dimension to your vacation. Of course there’s the touring and the photos you take, but then there are the meals…those amazing foreign flavors. For me it was the braised lamb cheeks I was brave enough to sample on a Venice pub crawl. The paella I savored at the lovely beachfront cafe in Marbella. The kebap at the Turkish restaurant that overlooked the greenest valley I ever saw.  These memories will be with me forever!

I know that not everyone that reads this will feel the same, however I honestly believe that food is an important part of the total vacation experience.

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