Thursday, March 28, 2019

Cruising to Grand Cayman Island With the Kids

Are you cruising to the Caribbean and looking for something to do with the kids when your ship docks in Grand Cayman? Well obviously there’s the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach, but if you’re looking for a different type of activity here’s some suggestions.

Stingray City:  Visit the Stingray City sandbar, a long, raised ridge in the ocean that enables you to stand in three to five feet of water. During the many tours that are available through the cruise line or booked independently, you can swim with, feed, and take memorable photos with these friendly rays. Even small children will enjoy petting the rays. It may be the highlight of your Caribbean cruise.

Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter: This is both a conservation facility as well as a family friendly tourist attraction. Visitors can learn about turtle life cycle and how the center is helping to save the population from extinction. There are huge turtles in the large ponds on the premises and there are lots of smaller touch tanks too. Another option is to swim with the turtles in a large, calm lagoon.

Take a Pirate Cruise:  The Caribbean and pirate stories go hand-in-hand! Take a two hour tour back in time to this swashbuckling era and watch the crew reenact pirate trials, sword fights, and wage attacks on in-port cruise ships! Kids and adults alike will love helping hoist the mainsail, firing the canon and walking the plank!

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