Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Cruising to Key West, Florida with Kids

I’ll be cruising to the Bahamas and Florida next week and one of the ports of call is Key West.  I’m looking forward to finding a restaurant for an al fresco seafood lunch, an afternoon of strolling in and out of the many specialty boutiques and a quick visit to the Hemingway house.  It will be just my husband and myself but it got me wondering, if we were traveling with children would there be kid-friendly things to do? The answer is yes, absolutely!

The Conch Train:  Most people take this wonderful little train to get a better lay of the land, and become acquainted with everything in Key West. The "engineers" are entertaining and have so much interesting information to share.  But kids just love the ride while waving to people they pass along the way!

Shipwreck Treasure Museum: This is a multi-media experience.  Actors dressed in period costumes, films, audio visual aids and actual shipwreck treasure give guests an interesting perspective on the life of shipwreck salvage operators. Kids will love climbing the tower at the top of the museum for a spectacular view of KeyWest and the surrounding area.

Key West Aquarium: This is small, friendly aquarium that you can get through in a couple of hours. It’s a nice place to see sharks, local fish, rays, and get some education about the local waters. Frequent feedings and interactive events really keep the kids engaged.

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