Thursday, July 18, 2019

Princess Cruise Line’s Phantom Bridge

Are you part of the “escape room” obsession?  You know, that pastime in which you pay to get locked in a windowless room and have to solve a series of puzzles in order to get out? Escape rooms are everywhere, cruise ships included. You can find them on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line and soon they will be on Princess’ ships too!

Princess Cruise Line will debut the first digitally enhanced escape room they call Phantom Bridge.  It will have guests traveling through time and space while racing to solve the puzzles presented. The really interesting aspect of Phantom Bridge is that the entire room will transform and respond to guest actions, enveloping them in the story.

Princess Cruise Line's Phantom Bridge offers a range of activities including:

• Uncover the clues to solve the mystery – projection mapping, touch screen surfaces and hidden physical elements bring the environment to life as players race to uncover new clues and solve puzzles that will transport them to the next endangered time period.

• Blends the physical with the digital with immersive effects – players captain the ship and turn the physical wheel to navigate the vessel and watch as the simulation view changes. Lighting, sound and digital features disguised as physical ones are combined to create an immersive, realistic experience, every step of the way.

• Families can play together as Phantom Bridge tailors the experience to players of all ages, heights and physical abilities. Plus, with so many levels, time periods and puzzles more than 700 different outcomes are possible, which means players can come back and engage time and time again since it’s never the same adventure.

Phantom Bridge will debut on Sky Princess in December of 2019 and will later to arrive to Enchanted Princess in the summer of 2020. It will last 23 minutes and can accommodate up to six players at a time, though its range of more than 700 different possible outcomes for players means guests can keep playing for new thrills throughout their trip.

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