Monday, December 09, 2019

Stocking Stuffers for the Cruiser

I love shopping for and opening up stocking stuffers!  And when they're something useful, all the better! This list of suggested gifts is the result of a poll of Direct Line Cruises staffers.

Luggage Tag Holder
Plastic luggage tag holders come in different shapes and sizes depending on the cruise line.  Amazon has a great selection.

Sold year round in the supermarket or neighborhood drug store it’s quick and easy to pick up. Might as well throw in a SPF 30 lip balm while you’re at it.

Portable Charger
Good to have when you’re in port all day taking pics with your phone or using google maps.  Nobody wants their cell phone to die halfway through the day.

Lounge Chair Clips
Either poolside or at the beach these colorful clips keep your towel from blowing away, plus, they make your lounge chair easy to identify.

                                                                                 Digital Luggage Scale  
While thankfully cruise lines are not yet imposing weight restrictions on our bags, the same can’t be said for the airlines. This is a must have if you're flying to your port of embarkation.

Smartphone Waterproof Case
Capture every minute of your cruise vacation including pool and ocean time! Your Instagram followers demand it!

Travel Journal
For those that want more than pictures to remember their cruise vacation, a journal is perfect for those that want to jot down their hour by hour itinerary or just thoughts and feelings of the day.

Wine Bottle Protectors
Whether you’re bringing your favorite bottle onboard or purchasing a bottle of something special in port, these are easier to carry than a roll of bubble wrap when it comes to  keeping your bottle of wine safe.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker
A few years back I started bringing a mini bluetooth speaker with me on vacation.  Having my music playing in my cabin or on the beach makes everything that much better.

DLC Gift Certificate
I saved the BEST for last. Our Direct Line Cruises gift certificates can be made out in any amount and can be used towards a deposit or payment on any cruise line we sell! 

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