Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Florida / Bahamas Cruise; So Much to Do!

NCL offers weekly cruises from New York City year round. However, a question that we are often asked is how come there aren’t more varied 7 day itineraries from New York to choose from. The answer is actually quite simple. Logistically, a ship can only make it so far south and back again within a seven night time frame. That southern port is the Bahamas. Add to that a stop at one of Florida’s fun-filled cities and you have the ingredients for one great cruise.

Port Canaveral offers a multiplicity of activities for cruisers to choose from. The first things that always come to mind are those famous Orlando theme parks! Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World! What family wouldn’t get excited over the choices that are available! Most cruise lines offer shore excursions to the theme parks in the area. If you would rather do it on your own, there are several rental car agencies that serve the area. From there the ride to the major parks is approximately 45 minutes.

Cocoa Beach is just minutes away from the Port Canaveral cruise terminal. Maybe you’d like to spend the day relaxing on the beach or playing in the waves. And speaking of waves, did you know that Cocoa Beach is considered the surfing capital of the East Coast? How about a lesson?

For those that want to a bit more adventure, or are just nature lovers, a fun morning can be spent air boating down the St. John’s River in pursuit of alligators! The marshes are also home to many species of birds so don’t forget binoculars.

When I think of Port Canaveral “I Dream of Jeanne” pops into my mind (okay, I’m showing my age). Although my son was clueless as to the antics of Major Nelson and his side kick, he nevertheless thought the trip to the Kennedy Space Center was one of the coolest places he’d ever been! Actually, so did I…tours offered at Center include viewing the shuttle launch pads, the Rocket Garden, the Apollo Saturn V Center and much more. This is a trip I recommend to everyone.

Part 2 to follow; The Bahamas!

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