Monday, August 03, 2009

Who is that man in my bed?

It was the end of another wonderful day aboard an incredible ship, somewhere in the Mediterranean. My husband, son and I were making a quick stop at our cabin after dinner so my son could change out of his “fancy clothes.” We slid the key card into its slot but as we pushed open the cabin door we were greeted by the sound of the blaring television. How odd…we rarely watch it and I knew we wouldn’t have left it on when we went to the dining room. But that didn’t surprise us half as much as the man tucked into my bed, enjoying the movie!!!!

Mr. T, the towel man, caught us by surprise! It was years ago, but every time we tell the story of finding him, we laugh. Each cruise I look forward to the turtles, snakes, swans, elephants and monkeys that may be waiting for me at the end of the evening! My vacation photo albums have more pictures of towel critters than they have of my husband!

I love it when props are used to enhance the critter. I have been known to leave my sunglasses or hat on the coffee table just in case they are needed. Years ago I remember my nightgown being used. That never happens anymore. Maybe somebody thought it was kinky and filed a complaint! Some cabin stewards have let me keep a weeks worth of these cuties lined up on the couch. Each night my little family grows a bit larger.

On my last cruise the lounge was full, and people were standing 3 deep to watch the towel animal folding demonstration. And that was on a warm and beautiful day when you would expect everyone to be enjoying the sunshine and ocean air! I was among the masses. Why, I ask myself? It’s not like I’m going to start making them at home. Will anybody? Unlikely… they’re not all that quick and simple to make. As a matter of fact, it’s easier to just book another cruise!

It doesn’t matter if your 2 or 82, everyone loves towel critters! And everyone has a favorite. I appreciate the time and effort that it takes for my cabin steward to leave us these special creations. In return, I make sure we leave him something special. Maybe that’s his point, but its ok by me.

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