Monday, September 07, 2009

Girlfriend Getaway

Once a year a travel magazine I subscribe to puts out an issue called “Girl’s Getaways.” It’s an issue full of suggested spas and resorts for getting away …ladies only, please! I find it odd that they have never recommended a cruise. In my mind, nothing could be more perfect!

Cruising is the ultimate “girl’s getaway!” It’s here, in the middle of the ocean and away from the stress of kids, man problems, aging parents, or whatever responsibility is getting you down, that one can truly begin to unwind. It’s a great way to come together to share laughs and tears, to reminisce or strengthen bonds. Chatting poolside, lavish spa treatments, shopping on tropical islands or foreign cities…that’s my idea rejuvenating body and soul! Rainbow colored slushy drinks that make everyone’s stories even funnier, two appetizers at dinner and rich chocolate desserts. These are indulgences to be shared with best friends. Sing-a-longs at the bar, slightly off key, of all you favorite songs; the same ones that you blasted when you all shared that small apartment in your younger days. Dancing the night away like you once did, before you started going to bed at 10pm, because now you have to rouse a cranky teenager at 6am so they won’t miss the school bus! It’s like stopping the world and getting off, for just a short break, to revitalize.

Celebrate, 21, 30, 40, or 50! Re-connect with the women you once shared your hopes and dreams with, when you were in high school or college. Invite your mother, grandmother, and daughter for some generational bonding. Cruising is the ideal “girl’s getaway” for girls of any age!

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