Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Technological Advancements Onboard Oasis of the Seas

I marvel at technological advancements made during my lifetime and admire the genius it takes to develop it. I am appreciative of the ways “gadgets” make my life easier; make it more organized, more simplified, or just more fun. And when I board Oasis of the Seas, I know I will be thanking Royal Caribbean for the technological enhancements that will make my vacation experience all that more remarkable. For example…

Guests can rent something called a WOW Phone on the Oasis. I love my I-Phone, but when onboard Oasis of the Seas, I want one of these! (This phone actually looks like a customized version of an I-Phone) From your WOW Phone you can:
*Call or text another WOW Phone user
*Track your children in Adventure Ocean or elsewhere on the ship
*Receive onboard “real time” GPS that allow you to locate other members of your traveling party
*Call a stateroom
*Pull up a map of the ship
*View your weekly customized calendar
*View the daily “Why Not Today” (formerly known as the Cruise Compass)

There will be Digital Signage that will assist in navigating around the ship with unique state of the art way-finding graphics. It will be especially useful during mustering and departure. Many signs are interactive and guests will be able to view dining menus, check restaurant seating availability, watch videos about spa treatments, and check show times in the various theatres.

Hand Held Technology will expedite service. For example, a bar server enters your order on this gizmo as you sit by the pool. By the time he walks back to the bar, your drink is ready and waiting for him! Now that’s a quick turn around! This devise will also be used in the photo gallery, some retail areas, and by maintenance people to ensure problems are quickly addressed.

High Definition Television Systems in staterooms do a lot more than show movies and music videos! Guests can simplify their ship experience by pre-paying gratuities, or by booking shows and shore excursions. The system allows one to view a personal cruise calendar that includes any reservations that were made for shows, restaurants, the spa, or excursions. Through the T.V. a guest could browse the internet, order room service, and order wine to be delivered at dinner. From the comfort of a stateroom one can view info and hours of operations for onboard bars, activities, the spa, or casino. Guests can even take a look at traffic flow updates for food venues! It is easy to check the charges on a sea pass account, read about the ports of call, and watch a port shopping preview. And if, by the slightest chance, you find yourself with nothing to do on this amazing ship, you can always watch T.V.

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