Saturday, August 14, 2010

Art Tours on iPads

I’ve never really had an “eye” for art.  Oh, I can certainly appreciate a pretty picture; when my son was little my refrigerator was covered with them! But I have to confess that I’m absolutely baffled when I hear about million dollar bidding wars for a particular artist’s work! It also came as a surprise to me to learn that cruise lines spend exorbitant dollars for the art work aboard their ships; paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography, with some pieces specifically commissioned for a particular area onboard.

 With more than 14,000 works of original, contemporary art on its three Solstice Class ships alone, Celebrity Cruise Line is the holder of one of the world’s largest corporate collections of contemporary art.  Pair that with Apple technology and what do you get?  The first self-guided art tours on an iPad, at sea!  Exclusively on Solstice class ships, the iPads are programmed with the ship’s deck plans and select works of art are highlighted.  A guest simply touches the screen to learn more about the piece.  Full details including the title of the work, artists name, medium used, description and image are presented.

 This is a natural extension of the way Celebrity as been utilizing Apple technology and adding to the already extensive “Celebrity Life” program.  Earlier this year Celebrity introduced its Celebrity iLounge where certified staff presents a variety of courses on Apple product usage.   Also, the Celebrity Equinox’s specialty restaurant Qsine features a menu and wine list on an iPad. Guests that had the opportunity to dine at Qsine positively received the concept. The iPad art tour is yet another way guests can experience the latest in technology in an entertaining and enriching way."

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