Monday, August 23, 2010

Oasis of the Seas Day 2

Clients often ask us if it’s permissible to bring a bottle or two of their favorite booze onboard. Our agents reply with the cruise line policy that bringing liquor onboard is not permitted.  Will they really find it?  Will it be confiscated?  I truly didn’t know the answers to these questions…until now.  No, it’s not what you’re thinking!  Yesterday our bags made it to our cabin before we did!  Well, three out of four.  By 5pm the last bag still did not arrive and since it was my husband’s, he was not a happy cruiser! We alerted our cabin steward who immediately stated that if we had “accidently” packed booze or an iron it was probably down with security on deck two. Since we knew that was not the case my husband worried more. Where could it be?  I wasn’t really fazed because on past cruises our bags sometimes showed up as late as 6pm.  Truth be told, I didn’t care at all because it wasn’t my wardrobe that was missing and any excuse to revamp my husband’s closet was truly a blessing in disguise!  “Maybe they think we’re drug smugglers and they’re holding our bag”, he says.  I chuckled at such an absurd joke. “Did you count the pills we had packed?” he continued.  It looked like a pharmacy in my suitcase…men’s multi vitamins, woman’s multi vitamins, iron, calcium, CoQ10, veggie antioxidants, fruit antioxidants, 2 types of fish oil, and a prescription bottle of Lipitor!”  Hmmm…maybe he had a point.  So being a supportive spouse I followed him down to the “holding” room to see if his bag was held up there for some reason.  Well, our bag was not there but there were a staggering number of bags that were!  The room was divided into two sections; those with liquor bottles and those with irons. It should be noted that there was plenty that were labeled both! So in answer to the question, will it be found and confiscated, the answer is YES!  And if anyone is interested, by the time we made it back up to our cabin, the wayward suitcase was outside the cabin door waiting for us!

Last night’s production of Hairspray was amazing!  Very talented cast!  I saw the show on Broadway and have to say this rendition was every bit as good!  My husband said it was better, but he’s just saying that because it was shorter!  I have to say, plan ahead and book your tickets online instead of waiting until you board. You wouldn’t want to be disappointed if you could not get in to see it.  I pre-booked all my shows and My Time dining times.  They scan your Sea Pass card as you enter the theater instead of picking up tickets. Everything has gotten so high tech!

Moving on to Day 2…I have to say, the Boardwalk area of Oasis of the Seas is such a fun and energetic “neighborhood”!  No matter your age, everyone spending time here is encouraged to find their “inner child”.  And if you are traveling with a young child, lucky you!  You’re going to love it!  Scanning the Cruise Compass I noted that every day between 11:30am and 1pm was Boardwalk Family Festival” time, so today I went down to check it out.  As you would expect, the area was filled with parents and grandparents and children of all ages!  There was music, face painting, balloon sculpting, a tattoo stand and lanyard decorating!  There were ring toss games, a fishing game, hula hoop competitions and line dancing! Families were lunching at the Seafood Shack, Johnny Rockets, and munching on freshly made donuts and ice cream cones.  Everyone (myself included) rode the carousel!  Absolutely magical!

Tonight is formal night, something I always look forward to.  I rented a tux for hubby and my son.  Why bother lugging an extra garment bag when carrying extra luggage can be costly and having the tux waiting in the cabin is so easy!  I ordered them online about a week ago. If there’s a problem with the measurements I submitted a rep will come up to the cabin with other sizes.   By now my guys know better than to object, and I think my son actually enjoys the whole production of the evening. My niece packed the dress she wore for last spring’s junior banquet and I’m sure will look beautiful. I know I’ll get some gorgeous family pictures tonight. Until tomorrow…"

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