Monday, July 11, 2011

Royal Caribbean Considering El Salvador as a Port of Call

El Salvador’s tourism ministry is keeping their fingers crossed hoping that Royal Caribbean will consider the Central American country as a future port of call. If negotiations turn out favorably for them, the cruise line could begin featuring port days in Acajutla beginning as early as 2012. The Port of Acajutla is El Salvador’s main port and located on the country’s northwestern Pacific coast. While there is no doubt that the influx of cruise passengers would be a boon for the country, what about for the cruise passengers?

Somewhat of a bypass on the tourist trail, travelers are missing out on El Salvador’s vast natural beauty, forests, beaches and archaeological sites. Acajutla gives access to the Mayan ruins of Tazumal. The site was constructed over a period of 750 years but mostly from 600 to 900AD. Another amazing site is Joya de CerĂ©n, a UNESCO World Heritage. This pre-Columbian Maya farming village has been preserved remarkably intact after it was destroyed by volcanic ash around 600 AD (similar to Pompeii). Montecristo Cloud Forest is another perfect location for an exploration.  With a great diversity of flora including ferns, orchids and mosses and wildlife like spider monkeys and anteaters, there is plenty to fascinate you here. El Salvador also boasts some of the best surf in Central America with surfers coming from all over the world to ride some serious waves!"

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