Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Celebrity Silhouettes Lawn Club Grill

When a cruise line builds a class of multiple vessels it is not unusual for the design to be modified a bit from ship to ship.  Thus is the case of the Celebrity Silhouette, the fourth ship in the lovely Solstice class. One significant change will be an update to the underutilized Lawn Club. With the goal being to extend the frequency and length of visits to the area, new dining venues and experiences are being introduced.  The “Lawn Club Grill” is one such place.

During the day this area will host fun, interactive demos and classes. Scheduled activities may include hands on pizza making or chef-led demonstrations such as “Marinade 101”.  By night “The Lawn Club Grill”, as the name suggests, celebrates the passion of grilling!  Gleaming stainless steel grills, an open kitchen, and a large glass door fridge where you can choose your own meat help to make this a highly social and interactive experience.

“People tend to associate grilling with the relaxing, carefree mood of summer-exactly what a Celebrity vacation is all about,” said Jacques Van Staden, Vice President, Culinary Operations.  He continues, “What can be better than experiencing something that’s popular among so many cultures around the world, while relaxing near a lawn of growing grass, surrounded by an endless view of the sea?”

One guest per party is given the opportunity of being paired with a Celebrity Cruise’s chef and together serve as the groups “Grill Master,” taking on the responsibility of preparing the meal.  What a great way to learn proper grilling techniques and other barbecue secrets! (We have a good friend nicknamed “The Burner”…maybe I should book him on the Silhouette!).  Grill Masters will receive a free chef’s apron as a souvenir of the experience.

The Lawn Club Grill will be open 5-10 pm nightly and from 12-2 pm one sea day per cruise.  A fee of $30 per person is required and booked passengers can now make their reservation online.

The Celebrity Silhouette will begin sailing out of Cape Liberty, NJ in November 2011."

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