Monday, September 19, 2011

Direct Line Cruises Introduces HawaiiCruises.Travel

If you asked me to recommend a cruise itinerary that was synonymous with romance I know just the one.  A Hawaii cruise! Spend a morning in Maui, the two of you wrapped in a blanket, as you watch the sunrise 9,740 feet above sea level at the top of Haleakala. Or spend an afternoon strolling along the beaches of white, pink, green or black sand, holding hands and making plans for the future. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be sitting on your private balcony, sipping champagne with your beloved? Be witness to the sky turning red, pink, and violet as the sun begins to sink into the ocean. Hawaii is certainly the perfect place to get married, honeymoon, and celebrate a wedding anniversary.

If you asked me to suggest a cruise itinerary that would incite your sense of adventure I would know just where to send you. A Hawaii cruise!  It’s an itinerary that allows daredevils to bike from the summit of a volcano, carefully maneuvering a 3,000' drop and 29 switchbacks! Maybe you’d choose to zip line high above the wild jungle terrain taking in the sweeping picture postcard panoramic views. Or you might be interested in a helicopter ride that could take you to sights inaccessible any other way.

If you asked me to suggest the ultimate in a relaxing tropical cruise vacation do you know what I would suggest?  A Hawaii cruise! Spend your day napping on one of the many lovely beaches or work on that island tan. Sip a mai tai while taking in an authentic Hawaiian luau or spend an afternoon frolicking in a remote pool under a magical waterfall.  Kayak tranquil, glassy turquoise waters to a secluded beach for a picnic lunch under the palms. It’s a perfect cruise to get away from it all!

If you asked me where you could research, get rates and book a romantic, adventurous and relaxing Hawaii cruise online I’ve got you covered there, too! Direct Line Cruises is proud to announce the launch of their brand new website dedicated solely to Hawaii cruises at HawaiiCruises.Travel. The site allows immediate access to current pricing with the ability to book a Hawaii cruise online, 24 hours a day. An inspiring cruise guide shares information regarding Hawaii cruise itineraries and the characteristics of each island. Detailed ship descriptions make it easy to discern differences between ships and cruise lines.  So when you’re ready to book a Hawaii cruise be sure to check out the competitive pricing which always includes travel insurance for cruises 5 nights or longer at www.HawaiiCruises.Travel. For a limited time we are offering up to $500 in free onboard credit when you book your Hawaii cruise at www.HawaiiCruises.Travel. Hurry because this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!"

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