Monday, September 12, 2011

NCL Project Breakaway Update

Norwegian Cruise Line revealed a bit more about the cabins that will be available on the two Project Breakaway ships that are scheduled for delivery in 2013 and 2014.  Although nothing revolutionary was disclosed, guests will benefit from the variety of accommodations they may choose from, both in cabin size and price point.

The Studios, staterooms priced and designed for solo travelers, will be included in the cabin categories available. You may remember that the concept and layout of these cabins met with accolades by all when they debuted on the Norwegian Epic. There will be 59 studios on each of the two ships. Another nice feature of these cabins is that it requires private keycard access to enter the Studio complex which includes an exclusive two-story lounge and bar.

The ship will have plenty of inside cabins. An inside cabin is always in demand for those passengers that feel they are only in their cabin to sleep and who would rather allocate their travel funds on other items.

Oceanview staterooms will return on these new builds, relieving guests of the additional expense of a balcony cabin when a window will suffice. Nearly a quarter of these cabins will be Family Oceanview cabins, with space to accommodate five! The price of a cruise for a couple with three children could be prohibitive if they are forced to book two adjoining staterooms and have to pay full fare for four family members instead of two! Having affordable accommodations for these families may make the difference of a cruise vacation or not!

Many cruise lines including Norwegian are seeing a demand for cabins near, and with direct access to the ships spa.  The Project Breakaway ships will have 28 Spa Balcony and 20 Spa Mini Suite staterooms.  These rooms have a more relaxing Zen-like feel often with additional in-room amenities.  Guests will also receive complimentary access to the Thermal Spa Suite.

Good work NCL.  It looks like there will be a cabin to meet everyone's needs!"

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