Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Celebrity Reflection Aqua Spa

Spa vacations are the perfect choice for those that are looking for rest, relaxation and recharging. The best facilities usually provide a program that includes state of the art spa treatments, physical fitness activities, wellness education, as well as healthy cuisine.

A spa vacation aboard a Celebrity cruise can be every bit as comprehensive as a land-based spa vacation. The spas aboard Celebrity ships are some of the most all encompassing and luxurious, afloat!

The Celebrity Reflection, launching in the fall of 2012 boasts expanded facililities, which promises to give guests an ultimate spa experience! The AquaSpa's 883-square-foot Persian Garden has 15 of the in-demand curved, heated tile beds with soothing sea views, and six entirely new experiences:

The Hammam:  A modern twist on a traditional experience, the Hammam is a cool, calm and quiet space designed to loosen muscles and joints while relaxing on a heated stone slab. The relaxing, regenerating experience can be enhanced with a massage or a soothing, custom salt scrub.

Infrared Sauna:  Infrared heat offers distinct advantages over traditional steam heat saunas, as it provides many of the health benefits of natural sunlight without the dangerous effects of solar radiation. The heat within the infrared sauna penetrates deep into guests' joints and surrounding tissue to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and decrease pain versus purely heat the skin, as in a traditional sauna.

Aromatic Steam Room:  Warm steam and aromatherapy combine to melt away muscle tension and toxins, and to relax the mind, and leave the entire body feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

The Cold Room:  Guests can 'chill out' completely in this space, whose seats, walls and floor are icy cold (52 F). The room is designed to tighten pores that were opened and cleansed previously in the infrared sauna and aromatic steam room.

DIY Scrub and Salt Bar:  This new do-it-yourself bar allows guests to create custom ""body cocktails,"" or scrubs, from an array of salts, sugar and herbs. The scrubs can be purchased individually, or as a package of five scrubs for $45.

Sensory Showers:  Guests can complete their journey through the Persian Garden by selecting either warm, tropical rain infused with mild, fruity fragrances, or an arctic cold mist enlivened with eucalyptus essences. Creative applications of soothing sound, scent and light will further tantalize the senses to leave guests invigorated and refreshed.

The Persian Garden experience will be complimentary for guests booked in Celebrity's spa-inspired AquaClass accommodations. All other guests may purchase a daily pass for $35.  Additionally, the AquaSpa will introduce ""Girlz Night,"" a social spa night for women, complete with access to the Persian Garden, and ""Couples Night,"" offering couples an intimate evening in the Persian Garden.

Celebrity Reflection's AquaSpa also will add to the extensive menu of treatments a new therapy, ""Rhythm and Bliss,"" a rhythmic rubdown conceived and choreographed by the New York brand, bliss®, designed to give guests' tense spots a 'tune-up,' while they 'tune out' with noise-canceling headphones playing their choice from four music mixes: classical, world, electronic and rock."

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