Monday, December 23, 2013

The Butler Did It…on Norwegian Cruise Line

The last time someone “drew my bath” I was about five years old and my mom made sure it included an overflowing capful of “Mr. Bubbles”!  I made the switch to showers shortly thereafter and never looked back.  However, after reading about Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Bath Butler Menu” featuring seven different luxury bath packages, I may be swayed to reconsider…at least when I’m cruising!

But first things first.  Before you may even consider indulging in this hedonistic pleasure, you would have to have booked accommodations that include a bathtub…specifically a suite.  Once you’ve got that covered, there a several options to choose from, each inspired by a different exotic locale visited by a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. In addition, every package also includes a specially selected beverage selection.

The “Mediterranean Soak” is truly extravagant at $499! Imagine soaking in French verbena bubbles, while sipping Dom Perignon champagne, poured from the bottle that sits beside you, and snacking on sturgeon caviar.  Pricey, but tempting if the tub comfortably seats two. If not, then maybe NCL should consider including a back scrubbing by the butler.

There are five other menu items more reasonably priced at $99 each.  What romantic honeymoon or anniversary gift to surprise your spouse with!

There's no need to cruise to Mexico to enjoy the “Mexican Riviera Retreat”.  It includes a lime exfoliating body scrub with loofah and a freshly made, margarita with 100% agave tequila, premium triple orange liqueur and fresh squeezed limes.

What's more relaxing then cruising to the Caribbean? The “Caribbean Calm” luxury bath! It consists of a passion fruit bath gel with exfoliator gloves, topped off with a hand-muddled Mojito prepared with Bacardi Superior, fresh mint and hand pressed limes.

Choose the “Hawaiian Bloom” and let the scent of pulmeria transport you to paradise as you soak in a milk bath with floating flowers. If you're not actually cruising to Hawaii, this is the next best thing! This bath is served with a coconut kiwi pineapple splash prepared with Bacardi Rock Coconut, pineapple juice, lemon lime soda with chunks of fresh pineapple and kiwi.

Conjure up images of the Alaskan wilderness while taking the The “Alaskan Plunge”.  This specialty bath invigorates body and soul with its refreshing pine bath salts and a back scratcher. After soaking, guests can enjoy a cold pitcher of strawberry lemonade with Stolichnaya vodka, fresh strawberries and hand pressed lemons.

Beware of the total relaxation effect of the “Great Island Oasis”! It consists of a seaweed eucalyptus bath, complete with bath pillow and passion punch made with passion fruit liqueur, vodka, fresh fruit juices and sparkling wine.

I’m not sure if Mr. Bubbles is still available on store shelves, but if not, parents can treat their kids to the “Wonder Waterfall”, for $49.  This includes kiwi fruit berry bath bombs and a yummy kid-friendly strawberry and banana smoothie, but even better than that, you don’t have to clean the tub when they’re through!"

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