Monday, September 28, 2015

Cruising to Exotic Asia

There’s no denying it. The more people cruise, the more they search for new and exciting places to cruise to! That’s no surprise considering that cruising is not only a trouble-free, delightful way to explore the world, but it also offers the traveler the best value for their dollar! So what part of our big wide world is suddenly making everyone’s bucket list? It’s cruising to exotic Asia!

Alluring, exciting and unfamiliar, its no wonder cruises to Asia are growing in popularity with every cruise line. Not long ago only luxury cruise lines ventured to this part of the world.   However, taking a look at 2016 and beyond, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, as well as the premium and luxury lines offer a broad selection of Asia itineraries. Wondering why?

The Culture: Many Asian cultures work very hard to maintain their ancient rituals and practices, even as modernity races through the regions. On a cruise to Asia there is a myriad of traditions, languages, lifestyles, fashions, beliefs and customs to immerse oneself in and explore. Colorful dress, opulent architecture, exotic music and art all make for a travel experience like no other.

The History: Boasting scores of World Heritage Sites, Asia isn’t short of impressive historic landmarks. This was the stomping ground of some of the oldest civilizations of the world and a lot of these ancient societies left remarkable structures and relics behind. Imagine seeing The Great Wall of China, the ancient ruins at Angkor built between the 9th and 13th centuries, or the Terracotta Army in Xian? And then there’s the modern history that so many people go to discover. In the twentieth century alone the region experienced the Vietnam War, the Tiananmen Square Massacre and the terror of the Khmer Rouge.

The Cities: Some of the worlds most modern and dynamic cities are located in Asia. Metropolises like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok are home to glittering modern skyscrapers starkly juxtaposed with colorful, traditional pagodas and temples. It’s this dichotomy that makes the cities here so intriguing! And I haven’t even hinted at the incredible shopping!

The Food: The thing I love best about cruising to new places is indulging in each port city’s authentic cuisine! Deliciously diverse, Asian cuisine is as varied as the countries on the continent. The clever use of cooking techniques and spices has transformed what were originally humble peasant food dishes into specialties that are now known the world over. Chinese dim sum, Japanese sushi, Vietnamese spring rolls, pad Thai and Malaysian laksa soup…I’m making myself hungry thinking about the possibilities!

Home to some of the world’s oldest cultures, pulsating cities, intriguing history, and delicious foods, Asia ticks all the right boxes for a fascinating, beguiling vacation. And although it may seem like a hugely ambitious adventure, more and more travelers are discovering just how easy and pleasurable it is to cruise to exotic Asia!

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