Monday, September 14, 2015

Top Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda in the Fall

In a few weeks I will be cruising to Bermuda, and I can't wait! The fall is a great time to visit this lovely island!
  • Bermuda benefits from a semi-tropical climate and only two seasons. In the fall, temperatures are still beautiful, averaging in the mid-to-low 70’s during the day and the mid-to-low 60’s at night. Water temperatures are also reasonably warm, typically staying in the 70s.
  • Hurricane season lasts officially from June to November, but fewer tropical storms pound Bermuda than the U.S. mainland. Bermuda is also less frequently hit than islands in the Caribbean. In fact, Bermuda has been lucky that except in rare occasions, severe hurricanes have mostly got diverted away from the island.
  • Cooler temperatures are better for enjoying delicious Bermuda fish chowder. Legend has it that fish chowder was invented on the beaches of St. George's, in cauldrons placed above bonfires. Today, just ask a local to recommend his favorite restaurant for a bowl of this national dish. Try this wonderful blend of seafood and spices with a loaf of warm, crusty bread!  Yum!
  • September and October is perfect golfing weather and Bermuda offers more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world. The island boasts eight spectacular courses (sea views complimentary!) with something for everyone from novices to pros.
  • You can’t afford not to go! While cruise prices and crowds peak in July and August, thankfully, both wane significantly in the fall! So if you like far less crowded beaches and better opportunity to enjoy Bermudian hospitality, then Bermuda during the fall may just be the right time for you.

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