Monday, May 02, 2016

"Overnight Adventures" by Azamara Club Cruises

I have traveled to Europe many times, sometimes cruising and sometimes as a land-based trip. Although each mode has advantages and disadvantages over the other, I must say, it’s a common misconception that travelers cannot immerse themselves fully in a destination if they return to a cruise ship every night! That argument is really no longer valid now that cruise lines like Azamara Club Cruises are so very focused on destination immersion.  

Azamara provides guests with longer stays in port, more overnights and night touring options. In addition, the cruise line has expanded the possibilities of immersion even further with their new “Overnight Adventures”! Mid-voyage cruisers actually leave the ship to spend two or three days visiting cities and places that require extra time to truly be appreciated.

These all-inclusive expeditions are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced on previous cruises. One convenient package price includes transportation, hotels, meals and an expert guide. Each adventure is planned to perfection and concludes back at the ship to continue the cruise itinerary.

Azamara’s“Overnight Adventures” are offered in many of the most fascinating destinations around the world, and although I found all the current offerings appealing, I found the two below downright enthralling!

Bedouin Desert Nights
Guests will cross the dunes of Oman during this two-day excursion journeying to magnificent lagoons, cascading waterfalls and seaside retreats. Later, cross the sands to a Bedouin camp to enjoy an evening of drinking, dancing and traditional barbecue. Stay the night in a resplendent Bedouin tent filled with every appointment for extreme comfort and oneness with the desert.

Grand Overnight in Jerusalem
This is an opportunity to retrace the steps of Christ and explore the world’s holiest city. Travel to the River Jordan and set foot on the very shores where Jesus was baptized. Later, head towards the Mount of Beatitudes and visit the ruins of a synagogue where he once preached. Spend the night at a luxury hotel in Jerusalem. Day two is spent strolling the streets of the Old City. Visit the Western Wall and follow the Stations of the Cross on a journey that travels back thousands of years.

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