Monday, May 16, 2016

The Culinary Arts Centers Aboard Holland America Ships

I am an avid cruiser and enjoy trying new foods when I'm onboard! At home I love watching the Food Channel and probably spend way too many hours “pinning” recipes and tearing out pages from gourmet magazine (so it’s not from lack of effort or interest that I’m a terrible cook!). Now I know there are  many cruisers out there that also share an enthusiasm for cooking, so I wanted to be sure that you all know about the Culinary Arts Center available on all Holland America ships.

The Culinary Arts Centers, presented by Food & Wine magazine, can best be described as a set resembling the sophisticated kitchens of your favorite chefs on television cooking programs. The venues feature a rotating schedule of activities daily including cooking shows, wine tastings, mixology demonstrations, hands-on themed cooking classes for both adults and kids, and regionally inspired workshops.  

Holland America's Sip & Savor cruises take that whole experience up a notch. On select sailings the
cruise line invites guest chefs, mixologists, and winemakers onboard to take over the show kitchen and wow cruisers with their expertise. There are even shore excursions that concentrate on shopping for regional ingredients. The entire cruise is an immersive culinary experience!

A Holland America cruise is the best way to combine your passion for cruising with your zeal for cooking!

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