Wednesday, August 08, 2018

My First Aid Essentials

When my son was little I traveled with so many medicines and first aid items, you would have thought I was trekking to the moon!  I was a nervous parent and always wanted to be prepared. These days I’ve paired down my first aid kit to what I consider my five essentials. Yes, I’m well aware I can make these purchases on the ship or in port but at 3 AM….let’s just say I want to be prepared!

Imodium: A must for digestive tract disorder caused by some street foods or water or foods and spices our systems aren’t used to, or even the stress and nervous stomach some people feel when traveling.

Benadryl: An antihistamine used to treat sneezing, runny nose, itching and other allergic reactions from foods, bug bites, plants, etc.

Assorted Band-Aids: For cuts and scrapes, blisters and to prevent blisters, and to save a broken nail until your next manicure!

Dramamine:  Ships are so big these days that sea sickness is not common, however if you’ll be on a tender, ferry or smaller boat for a shore excursion you may want to pack this.

Pain /Fever medication: I always have a bottle of Advil in my pocketbook! Headache, back pain, hangover…

Wishing you safe travel!

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