Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Royal Caribbean Introduces SoundSeeker

Royal Caribbean has a track record of using innovative technology to enhance the cruising experience (Bionic Bar, virtual balconies, RIFD bracelets..). In that same vein, the company announce SoundSeeker.

SoundSeeker is a groundbreaking, patent-pending digital experience powered by artificial intelligence (AI) designed to create original soundtrack and video based on the content of the photographs submitted by the passenger. By simply visiting, users can upload three of their favorite vacation pics, and the AI analyzes them based on color, landscape, backdrop, emotion, body language and facial expression. SoundSeeker then turns those Royal Caribbean cruise vacation photos into a shareable and one-of-a kind soundtrack that can be sent to friends and family! 

Gosh, I remember when postcards were sent through the mail as a way of sharing vacation memories!!!!

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