Monday, September 10, 2018

5 Reasons to Cruise to Europe in the Fall

For years I traveled to Europe in the heat of the summer.  I was always insistent that our cruise vacations coincide with the school vacation calendar, and if that meant hiking up to the Acropolis in July’s sweltering sunshine, so be it!  Fast forward to the present, and I can cruise any time of year. So, let me just say that cruising around Europe in the fall is a delight…for many reasons!

My first reason is obviously the lovely weather! Ninety degrees or 75 degrees?  That’s not a tough choice, especially when you’re spending your day running around trying to see everything you can in foreign cities. 

Not only does the temperature drop September through November, but the scenery colors change also.  The leaves and hills of Europe, (think Tuscany), turn various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange and brown. What stunning photographs you’ll have to share with family and friends when you return home!

In the fall you miss Europe's summer crowds.  Imagine, just walking into the Vatican with no lines! Or not having to pre-book and lock yourself into a time slot for every museum you hope to visit. Not to mention that there won’t be hundreds of other tourists in all the pictures you’re taking!  Nice!

Wine lovers appreciate cruising to Europe in the fall because the grapes are harvested, and the season’s wines are released. There are tastings, tours of wineries and festivals in almost every port of call! I can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend a crisp autumn day!

Cruising in the fall may be less expensive too. Airline tickets eat up a good chunk of the budget for a European cruise vacation, but prices are generally lower in the fall. The difference is enough to consider booking a non-stop as opposed to one with a layover or maybe even bumping up your ticket to business class!

I’ll be taking my own advice by boarding the Azamara Pursuit in October. Can’t wait!

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