Thursday, August 29, 2019

Why I Chose the Azamara Pursuit

I am the vacation planner in our household. My husband has no real interest in where we go…he just happily tags along.  I have to say, I like it that way! Last week we were chatting about our upcoming cruise aboard the Azamara Pursuit and he asked, “With all the different ships and itineraries that are available, what made you pick the Azamara Pursuit for this cruise vacation?”  Here are my top reasons.

There will be under 800 guests aboard the Pursuit and these days a smaller ship really appeals to me. I was aboard the Pursuit last year with girlfriends and I have to say that cruising aboard a small ship creates a sense of camaraderie with the other passengers that you won’t find on larger ships. It’s a warm and friendly environment and it was so easy to meet people and become friendly fast. There are multiple public spaces with comfortable conversation areas in which people gather for pre-dinner cocktails or after- dinner cordials. I look forward to us spending evenings chatting with travelers from all over the world and sharing stories of exotic ports and exciting adventures!

The particular itinerary I chose is what Azamara calls a “country intensive voyage”. A trip to Israel was at the top of my bucket list and this voyage will spend five nights in Israel. I originally considered a land tour but was a bit hesitant and then I saw this trip. Now I can experience everything I want to see and do, both day and night, but return to the comfort of my lovely boutique hotel at sea! Plus, Azamara will include an “Azamazing Evening” the cruise line’s signature night time event designed to connect guests to the local culture of a destination! Evenings I’ve experienced on past Azamara sailings have been exceptional so I’m really looking forward to this one.

The many inclusive amenities aboard an Azamara ship keeps things simple. Gratuities, select standard spirits, international beers and wines as well as specialty coffees are included at no additional charge.  So is shuttle service into many of the towns. But what I especially love is walking off the ship and being handed a cold bottle of water without having to pull out my key-card to pay for it!

Experiencing local food and wine is one of the reasons why I travel. Do you want to dine in a restaurant in port that the local residents actually go to?  Just ask the concierge for a recommendation.  Onboard, as part of the whole destination immersion concept, Azamara integrates regionally themed cuisine into dining choices. Each evening, a specific menu entrĂ©e is prepared to reflect global traditions and flavors, while guests are also given the opportunity to try different regional wines.

So that’s why I chose the Azamara Pursuit for our vacation this fall. I know we’re both going to have a fabulous time!

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