Monday, January 27, 2020

Azamara... When Luxury Does Not Mean Stuffy

I had begun to plan a cruise with a friend of mine and we were discussing the cruise lines that offered a particular itinerary we were interested in. I recommended Azamara, a favorite of mine.  Her response made me chuckle when she said her husband wouldn’t be comfortable on a luxury cruise line. It was funny because the reality of it was that her and her husband couldn’t be a better match for an Azamara cruise!  It’s all about how you define luxury.

Some people equate luxury with glitz, caviar champagne and a butler!  But each luxury cruise line will have a distinctive personality, and while this may define some cruise lines, it certainly does not represent all them all! Most cruise lines, including Azamara, will share other characteristics that define them as luxury cruises without all the over-the-top amenities. Luxury can mean a smaller ship with a greater staff to passenger ratio and therefore a more personalized onboard experience. Taking the onboard experience a bit further, the entertainment may be more sophisticated with more guest lecturers, learning experiences and seminars. Luxury lines give a more inclusive experience generally including gratuities, beverage packages and sometimes shore excursions.  The cruise itineraries tend to offer longer stays in ports that the larger ships don’t even visit. 

My friends are well-traveled, educated, lifetime learners. They would absolutely love Azamara's "destination immersion" philosophy!   From the late night stays in port to the county-intensive voyages, to the culturally rich Azamazing evenings, Azamara is all about giving their guests the chance to experience each port of call in a deeper, more meaningful way. The “resort casual” dress code keeps the onboard experience relaxed, while the lounge areas serving complimentary wine and spirits encourage conversation with fellow travelers.

So, if your ideal vacation involves attentive service, chats over evening cocktails in a piano bar, and exotic ports of call not crowded by thousands of passengers at once, Azamara Cruises may be the luxury cruise line for you.  

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