Sunday, January 05, 2020

Celebrity Cruises Let’s You Extend Your Stay

Would you pay to extend your stay aboard a Celebrity ship for half a day? Well, it’s now an option on cruises from Port Everglades as well as select European sailings.
Guests still have to disembark (as late as 9 AM), go through customs, and move their luggage to a holding area.   A Celebrity representative will then escort them back on board to enjoy some extra hours in the public areas.  The guests will no longer have access to a cabin but they can lounge at the pool with a Bloody Mary or mimosa, as the classic beverage package is included in the extension price!

This option is a wonderful alternative to hanging out at the airport all day when you have a late flight. The price of the Celebrity “Extend Your Stay” package is $79 per adult (but remember, that price includes the classic beverage package) and $39 per child. So what do you say, would you pay to extend your stay?

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