Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celebrity Select Dining

In recent months, one by one, every cruise line has implemented an open seating dining option in addition to the early /late dining time that is traditional to cruising. The demand for a less stringent dinner time has been escalating, and the cruise lines have responded. Now we can add Celebrity Cruise Line to that list.

In September “Celebrity Select Dining” will be introduced fleet wide. This open seating concept offers guests all kinds of flexibility. It allows guests to have dinner any time they choose during the hours the dining room is open. You can also dine with new- found friends one evening, and just your traveling party the next. Like everything that Celebrity does, this program will be “a notch above”. They have had some time to study how the other lines are doing things and then looked for a way to improve upon it. To do this they are currently working on a reservation system that will allow guests to schedule their dining times for each evening of their cruise before they even get on board. You may not think of this as the ultimate in spontaneity, but for an obsessed planner like myself, it’s perfect! I can look at my daily itinerary, check the time I’d return from a shore excursion, factor in shower, dress and make-up, possibly a pre- dinner drink, and come up with my ideal dinner time! For others it may not be as calculating, and you are certainly not obligated to plan so far in advance! You can make reservations on board, day- by- day. Celebrity’s goal is simply to avoid having their guests wait for a table.

The dining experience aboard Celebrity has always been of utmost importance. From the moment you enter the dining room, to the time you finish that last spoonful of dessert, you are made to feel like you are the only guest they are serving. “Celebrity Select Dining” is just another way of them saying its all about you!

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