Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Celebrity's Wine Experience

I’m not much of a drinker, but I do occasionally enjoy a glass of wine with my meal. As a matter of fact, on a recent cruise I purchased a bottle of my favorite at dinner one night. The assistant waiter opened it and with much gallantry poured a small amount into my glass. He then stared at me expectantly. I suppose I could have picked up the glass and eyeballed the liquid, swirled it round and round, sniffed it, swished it…but hey, it was only a $12 bottle of White Zinfandel!!!

Did you ever wish you knew more about wine so you could order with confidence? Or learn how to taste wine as the experts do? Celebrity Cruise Line’s Wine Experience is a great way to learn the basics and have some fun on your next cruise. Start with the “Wine Appreciation” class that is offered on many Celebrity ships. This is a great way for beginners to learn the basic elements of wine and a chance to sample five different styles. Move up to “Walk Around the World” where there will be twelve different wines available for tasting. Take the time to let the wine impact your senses, from sight and scent to taste, aftertaste, and the overall impression that the wine leaves behind when you’ve finished. Sommeliers will join you to answer your questions, and explain the regions and characteristics of each wine presented.
In the “Riedel Comparative Wine Class” you will learn how the shape of a glass affects the aroma and taste of what you’re sampling. To illustrate this, four varieties of wine are compared and transferred into different glasses so you can experience the alteration. Everyone that attends this seminar will take home a set of Riedel tasting glasses. And now that you know more about wine than when you boarded your cruise, finish up with the Connoisseur Dinner. This magnificent five course wine pairing dinner showcases both exquisite high end wines and the fine cuisine of a Celebrity specialty restaurant.

The Celebrity “Wine Experience” was created to give you the essential knowledge needed to feel comfortable ordering and tasting wine. Don't worry if your preferences are different from other people around you. Everyone has their own tastes and the exciting thing about wine tasting is discovering exactly what your tastes are. Best of all, this program offers participating guests an enriching experience that will be enjoyed long after the cruise has ended.

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