Thursday, June 04, 2009

Gotta Dance

“Gotta Dance” is the name of a documentary that premiered at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. The film chronicles the adventures of a senior hip hop dance team, (that’s senior citizens, not high school seniors), from auditions to performing center court at a New Jersey Nets basketball game. The movie will show up at a theater near you this summer. So what, you say! What does this have to do with cruising? Well, allow me to continue.

“Gotta Dance” is a new guest participatory experience aboard Royal Caribbean ships that was inspired by this movie. Cruisers of all ages and all levels of experience are welcome to embrace their 15 minutes of fame the next time they’re onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. The program is currently being piloted on select ships where advance screenings of the movie are being shown. Participating guests are then divided into teams, with each spending their sea days learning and practicing their own distinct dance routine. All dance numbers were choreographed by the New Jersey Nets Dance Coach, but are taught by one of the talented members of the Royal Caribbean dance team. Since instructors don’t know what kind of ability (or lack thereof) they will be working with, routines may be fine tuned based on the groups skill level. Then, on the last evening of the cruise, all teams perform at the Farewell Show held in the ship’s main theater.
Everyone that has ever watched a spectacular Royal Caribbean production show has likely dreamed about being able to get up there too! The dancers always look like they’re having a great time, they make it look so easy, and you begin to think hey, I can do that! (Well, not me…sure it looks fun and I love to watch, but I have a tough enough time following my aerobics instructor!) But I bet you’d love to try it! And you can…the program becomes available fleet wide this summer! I’ll be cheering for you!

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